• davidsgivens

Finally OFF-hiatus + Birthday

August 27, 2019


It's been a minute but I'm back from handling life stuff and RECORDING NEW MUSIC for pretty much three and half months. It's been a crazy summer. I did my 1st live concert and festival, got accepted into a business program, did some traveling, went to ATL do write for other artists...... BUT NOW, it's time to come back to y'all.

I'm back writng this blog and sharing my favorite things in music, fashion, tv, and other crazy things about my life and artistry. I'm also producing more content for Youtube, which filming is underway. I'm working producing more shows, opening for other artists, working, and RELEASING MORE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!

This next record will epic and will give a shoutout to my Trini roots. I hope you will stay tuned for that! Ok thats' all I got,